Prayer In Persecution – Psalm 83

We respond to persecution by praying for the salvation of our enemies.

Pastor Brian preaching.


Defining and Upholding Justice – Psalm 82

God defines and upholds justice on the earth.  The gospel shows that God’s justice brings freedom.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


God The Father Psalm 81

6/20/21 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek

Weeping in the Rubble – Psalm 79

6/6/21 AM

Pastor Dave TenClay

When Insiders Get It Wrong – Psalm 50

5/30/21 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Our Struggle and God’s Greatness – Psalm 77

We don’t struggle alone, and our struggle reveals God’s greatness.

by Pastor Brian Boucek


The Triumph of the Lion – Psalm 79

5/9/21 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

The Righteous Judge – Psalm 75

5/2/21 PM

The Righteous Judge

Flesh and Bones- Luke 24:36-49

4/18/21 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek