Lasting Joy! – John 16:17-33

12/3/23 PM

Pastor Rob Gruessing

For Your Good That I Am Going Away John 16:5-16

Pastor Tim Howerzyl




If the World Hates You, John 15:18-16:4

pastor Rob Gruessing


evening service

The Holy Spirit – John 14:16-31

God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us follow Jesus.

Pastor Brian Boucek preaching.


One of You Will Betray Me John 13:18-38

Reverend Rob Gruessing




The Humble Savior – John 13:1-17

Jesus humbles himself to save us so that we can serve others.

Pastor Brian Boucek preaching.


Returning to God – Hosea 14

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


Death or Life? – Hosea 13

Pastor Tim Howerzyl

10/1/2023 PM service

The Deceivers – Hosea 12

Be honest with God and be honest with yourself.

Pastor Brian Boucek preaching.