Blessed Confession – Psalm 32

5/15/22 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Turning to God When Under Attack – Psalm 59

When attacked, God’s people turn to Him for help.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


Our God Reigns – Psalm 93

5/1/22 PM

Pastor Rob Gruessing

Praise The Lord – Psalm 148

Pastor Brian Boucek

April 24, 2022

Kingdom Come, Kingdom Coming – Psalm 47

4/10/2022 PM Service

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Ripe or Rotten – Amos 8


Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Who’s the Boss – Amos 7

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


evening service

What Makes You Secure – Amos 6

3/13/22 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek

The Day of the Lord – Amos 5:18-27

While many people yearn for the Day of the Lord, some will be surprised to find God’s judgment falling on those least expecting it.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.