What is Love?-Hosea 11:1-11

God is love and we see this in how he relates to his son.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


The Wrong Fruit- Hosea 10

Pastor Brian Boucek

Sep 10 PM Service

Turning Away – Hosea 9

9/3/23 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek

Sowing and Reaping – Hosea 8

Pastor Tim Howerzyl

Mean What You Say – Hosea 6 and 7

8/20/23 PM

Pastor Rob Gruessing

When the Verdict is Guilty – Hosea 5

There is only one proper response when the verdict is guilty: true repentance.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


Love for the Unlovable – Hosea 2:2-15

7/23/23 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Family Symbolism – Hosea 1

While Israel has shown herself unfaithful and worthy of judgment, there remains a hope of salvation breaking through.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.