Prodigal Sons Luke 15:11-32

Pastor Dave TenClay




God Reveals Himself – Psalm 19

Brian Boucek

6/9/2024 Pm

Watch Out For Greed – Luke 12:13-21

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

6/9/2024 Am Service

Like A good Neighbor Luke 10:25-37

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


Giving up in Order to Win – 1 Corinthians 9: 19-27

If we are serious about sharing the gospel, it will require that we give up things in order to win the true prize.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


Repent or Perish – Luke 13:1-9

Jesus calls us to not delay in turning from sin to repentance.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


Debt Forgiveness Plan Luke 7:36-50

Pastor Dave TenClay



A Right To Be Angry? – Jonah 4

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

5/12/24 AM Service