Ruth 2 Peace To Those On Whom His Favor Rests

Reverend Dave TenClay


Giving Thanks for God’s Victory Exodus 15:1-21

Reverend Dave TenClay





It’s Coming – Joel 2:1-17

The Day of the Lord is coming, and God wants us to prepare by turning to Him.

Pastor Brian Boucek preaching.


God’s Character in the Covenant – Exodus 20:1-21

God’s character is revealed in the covenant given in this passage.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.


A Call To The People – Joel 1

Pastor Rob Gruessing, 11/13/22,

Encountering God- Exodus 19:9-25

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

11/13/2022 Am

Rescued for a Purpose – Exodus 17:8-16;19:1-8

11/6/22 AM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

God On Trial – Exodus 17:1-7

10/31/22 AM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay