Sifted Saints – Luke 22:31-34

None of us wants temptations and trials, but it is through them that God refines us.  No matter how difficult things get, we do not have to be defeated.  We can endure the trials because Jesus is on our side.

Rob Gruessing preaching.


Trusting God’s Promises – Genesis 45:25 – 26:30

When God is in a covenant relationship with His people, they can trust His promises and be at peace.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.


Sight & Salvation – John 3:1-15

11/28/21 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek

Hope In God’s Plan – Genesis 45:4-46:7

11/28/21 AM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Thanksgiving 2021


A Wee Little Man! – Luke 19:1-10

The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.

Rob Gruessing preaching.


Substituitionary Love – Genesis 44:1-45:4

Pastor Dave TenClay


The Brothers Bow Down – Genesis 42-43

11/14/21 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

From Prison to the Palace – Genesis 41

11/14/21 AM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Changing Love – Romans 5:1-11

Pastor Brian Boucek

Sunday PM 11-7-2021