The Messiah’s Rule – Isaiah 11


Dave Ten Clay

Journeying In Hope – Genesis 25:1-11, Romans 4:16-25

If we trust God’s promises, our journey of faith can be full of hope.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


Time to Testify- Thanksgiving

Psalm 66

Pastor Dave TenClay

Thanksgiving Service

11-26-2020 AM

A “Loving Kindness” Story – Genesis 24

Nov 22 2020

AM Service

Dealing With Trouble – Titus 1:10-16

Pastor Dave TenClay

Rest In the Promised Land – Genesis 23

Dave TenClay

11/15/20 Am Service

What to Look For in Leaders – Titus 1:1-9

Our understanding of what Christ has done helps us to look for qualities of leaders in the church.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


The Lord Will Provide – Genesis 22:1-19

Our standing with God is not based on our sacrifice, but on His sacrifice for us.  Our hope rests in the truth: the Lord will provide.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.


God Is King – Psalm 47

11/1/20 Am Service

Pastor Brian Boucek