People, Punishments, Priests – Hosea 4

8/6/23 PM

Pastor Brian Boucek

Love for the Unlovable – Hosea 2:2-15

7/23/23 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Family Symbolism – Hosea 1

While Israel has shown herself unfaithful and worthy of judgment, there remains a hope of salvation breaking through.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay preaching.


Our God is Greater – Psalm 86

Pastor Dave TenClay



Transformation – Philemon

6/25/23 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

The Prodigal Father – Luke 15:11-32

Cal Alderink




Psalm 119

Pastor Brian Boucek

6-11-2023 Pm service

Celebration – Psalm 126

We celebrate with worship, especially because of Gods grace to us.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay


Majestic & Mindful- Psalm 8

Pastor Brian Boucek

Sunday 5/21/2023 Pm