What to Look For in Leaders – Titus 1:1-9

Our understanding of what Christ has done helps us to look for qualities of leaders in the church.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


Save The Best For Last – John 2:1-11


Joseph Bowman

Our Confession, God’s Redemption – Psalm 130

Our sin is deep, but we can trust that God will forgive us.  If we know the Lord, He brings us up out of our misery, redeeming us from the guilt, sorrow, and punishment of sin.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay



How Long – Psalm 13

Brian Boucek

10-11-2020 p.m.

The Wonder of Forgiveness – Micah 7:8-20

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.

In this passage, we are invited to consider the wonder of God’s forgiveness.


More Than Enough – John 6:1-15

Sep 20, 2020 PM Service

Brian Boucek

Taking God’s People to Court – Micah 6:1-8

Pastor David Ten Clay.

The Lord requires justice, mercy, and humility from His people–not because it saves us, but because He saved us.


God is Good. God is God – Romans 8:28

Preached by Todd Krygsheld.

We can see and know that God is good, all the time.