Taking God’s People to Court – Micah 6:1-8

Pastor David Ten Clay.

The Lord requires justice, mercy, and humility from His people–not because it saves us, but because He saved us.


Cutting a Covenant – Genesis 15

Pastor David Ten Clay.

God balances our account by fulfilling the covenant established here with Abram.  He has canceled our debt and credits to us His righteousness.  Live secure in the confidence of being made right with God.


Contrasting Kings – Genesis 14

Pastor Dave TenClay

God is Good. God is God – Romans 8:28

Preached by Todd Krygsheld.

We can see and know that God is good, all the time.



Let It Go – Genesis 13

Preached by Brian Boucek.

Part of the “Covenant Promises and the Journey of Faith” series.


We can confidently give control of our lives to God because He loves us.


Deliverance and Shalom – Micah 5

Pastor David Ten Clay

8/23/2020 PM


Faith and Famine – Genesis 12.6-20

Pastor David Ten Clay

August 23 AM message