Get Right and Live Right – 1 John 2:1-11

True believers are saved by Christ’s atoning work, and will live in obedience to His commands.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.


Total Commitment- Matthew 10:34-42

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

8/1/21 AM

Jesus the Light – 1 John 1

7/25/21 PM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Faith and Fear in Missions- Matthew 10:24-33

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Sunday Morning 7/25/2021

#Blessed- Matthew 5:3-10

Pastor Brian Boucek

7-18-2021 PM Service

Prepping for Persecution – Matthew 10:16-23

7/18/21 AM

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

It’s Ok – Psalm 73


Pastor Dave Ten Clay

Harvest Time- Matthew 9:35-10:15

Pastor Dave Ten Clay

7-11-2021 AM service

Prayer In Persecution – Psalm 83

We respond to persecution by praying for the salvation of our enemies.

Pastor Brian preaching.


Defining and Upholding Justice – Psalm 82

God defines and upholds justice on the earth.  The gospel shows that God’s justice brings freedom.

Pastor Dave Ten Clay.